Best 5th Grade Math Apps

 5th Grade is an important time in any student’s school career.

Not only do you have all the responsibilities and pressures that come with being the oldest kid in elementary school, but you also have the daunting transition into middle school ahead, and the workload and complexity level of your learning reflects this. 

Add to this all the usual pressures of growing up, changing bodies and new emotions and it is no wonder that so many kids find 5th grade hard.

Luckily, there are loads of great smartphone and tablet apps that can help with school learning and general development.

These apps are easy to use and make learning fun through specially designed games and activities. Thanks to mobile technology, you can carry them around in your pocket and brush up on your learning no matter where you are.

They are best used in conjunction with teacher-led learning, and will really help to bolster all the hard work you are already putting in at school. 

There are so many great apps available that it can be overwhelming deciding which to choose. That’s why we have put together this list of the 10 best math apps for 5th graders, so you can browse through and see which one appeals to you. 


The great thing about this first app is that it has been specifically designed for 5th graders and so all the questions and challenges are aligned with 5th grade learning targets and curriculum standards.

Many of these apps offer a wider range of grade levels and even subjects, but it is sometimes good to have one purely dedicated to the subject you want to focus on, because you won’t be distracted by other topics.

The app contains hundreds of fun math questions and allows you to try them over and over until you can get them all right. Repetition is pretty important and you’ll find that a few dedicated minutes on this app each day will really aid your achievement at school.

Plus, when you get an answer wrong the app will not only give you the correct answer but also provides a written solution that explains how it reached that answer, so your understanding will improve as well as your memory.

A good tip is to download the 4th Grade version first, to remind yourself of all you learnt last year and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.  


  • Dedicated to 5th Grade maths only - so no distractions
  • 100s of questions for you to try - so plenty to keep you busy
  • Answers given with written explanations


  • Contains ads - which can be annoying


If you aren’t too keen on math tests and questions then this next app might be more your style. 5th Grade Math Puzzles is an app full of quizzes and puzzles rather than having a question/answer format and is therefore more informal and fun.

The puzzles are still completely appropriate for 5th graders and have been designed with all the key math concepts in mind. 

Geometry, equations, ratios and number systems are all covered in a creative way that won’t make you feel like you are back in the classroom. What’s more, you can gain certificates as you move through the different levels, and share your certificates online via social media if you feel particularly proud! 

Plus, you can challenge friends and family to friendly competitions to see how well they score! So all in all, this is a really fun and informal option that will help to reinforce the math work you are doing in class.


  • Math puzzles and quizzes - to make math fun
  • Covers all the key 5th Grade math concepts
  • Certificates to show when levels have been completed
  • Challenge family and friends to competitions!


  • In-app purchases are necessary to unlock certain features
  • This app has ads


What we love about this app is that it offers multiple-choice style questions, which are really great when you are first getting to grips with a new math theory or technique.

The Eductify app caters for math students all the way through elementary school, so you will not only be able to share it with your younger siblings, but you will also be able to go back and revisit old topics that you may have covered in previous grades but forgotten how to tackle.

The areas covered include, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, rounding numbers, roman numerals, and fractions and decimals, so this app really does cover plenty of topics.

Your scores are recorded and graded after every test that you take, and if you get any questions wrong it is no problem - you can go back and try again or reveal the answer to better understand the solution. 

Really, this app will feel like you have loads of fun math worksheets in your pocket, which you can dip into and try whenever you like to keep your math fluency developing outside the classroom.


  • 100s of math questions and tests available
  • Covers all the key concepts for 5th graders
  • Has tests for all levels of math from 1st grade to high school level
  • Can track progress through recorded scores


  • You have to make in-app purchases to unlock certain tests
  • This app contains ads


Okay, now let’s throw something a little more wacky in the mix. This 5th Grade Educational Games app is amazing because it doesn’t only cover math, but English and science too!

That means that you get all your learning resources in one place and you can dip into different topics as and when you like. The math games are creative and fun, and you won’t feel like you are studying at all. What subject isn’t improved by a dinosaur theme?! 

The app is very much targeted at 5th graders and therefore covers all the key elements that you will be doing in class. It also has a new ‘mini-games’ section, which is excellent for short bursts of mathematical fun when you don’t have time to get stuck into a longer task. 

The app design is bold and colorful, and the music is jolly without being too repetitive. Plus, this app gives lots of positive affirmations and motivation so you will feel really encouraged as you play.


  • Math, English and science topics included
  • All the key concepts of 5th grade math covered
  • Really fun dinosaur themed design
  • Games and quizzes rather than tests and questions
  • Mini-games for quick math breaks


  • In-app purchases necessary to unlock more questions


Zap Zap Math have created a super fun app that is jam packed with loads of awesome math based games and activities. The whole app has a fun outer space theme, which will make you forget that you are even learning.

There are loads of different games to choose from, and they all cover the standard 5th grade common core topics, so you will keep well in line with whatever you are studying in class.

And this app even has a brilliant city building section, in which you use math to build your own city!!

There are animated cartoon tutorials that will help explain tricky math problems and guide you through new areas, and there is a great reward scheme that allows you to unlock new levels when you are successful.

This app can hold up to three player profiles, so you can compete with friends and siblings and track your own progress. 

It also allows you to make your own mathematical avatar, which is always fun! The only downside is that you need to purchase a Zap Zap all-access pass to unlock all the app’s features.


  • Awesome outer space theme with fun alien characters
  • Games and activities based on core 5th grade math concepts
  • Can hold up to three player profiles
  • The build a city feature is really fun and unique!


  • Need to buy an all-access pass to unlock all features


If you want something that is tried and tested then Khan Academy could be the perfect app for you. It is multi award-winning and is a google play editor’s choice, so this app really does have the expert’s stamp of approval.

The Khan Academy covers loads of subjects, not just math, so it will be a great help no matter what subject you are working on. The content is all designed by educational experts and aligns with the national grade standards and common curriculum targets.

It has over 10,000 videos and practice questions, ranging from grade 1-12, so this app will be good for older or younger siblings too.

It also has interactive tests and quizzes that are great for exam prep, and you can even bookmark helpful pages and access them when offline - so you can practice math in the car or on holiday even if you don’t have an internet connection. 

This app is pretty vast, and will take up quite a bit of space on a mobile, but it is worth it for all the content you get, and it is FREE with no ads or in-app purchases!


  • Approved by experts, used by teachers
  • Over 10,000 videos and practice questions
  • Covers lots of subject and grades, not just 5th grade math
  • Helpful pages can be bookmarked and accessed offline
  • No ads or in-app purchases


  • This app is a little more complicated than others
  • Takes up quite a bit of space on phone


Mathigon is a really fun and easy to use math app that is perfect for 5th graders. This app is highly interactive and responds to your individual needs as you play.

You get a personalized virtual tutor who can answer questions and give guidance, and the app will adapt to your progress, make suggestions and offer feedback as and when it is appropriate.

The app covers all the core 5th grade curriculum as well as offering really interesting facts about the history of the subject too. There is a new 3D geometry feature which is super cool, as well as lots of problem solving games and creative activities.

The app works offline too, and has won tons of awards - which is no surprise when you see how well designed and helpful it is!


  • Designed specifically for math, so no distractions
  • Interactive tutor - to offer personalized feedback and help
  • Awesome range of games and activities
  • Works offline and is completely free!


And finally, if you find it really difficult to focus on your math work and need an app that is free of distractions, then Rocket Math is the fuss-free option for you. This app is wonderfully simple, with a clear blackboard and chalk design, yet that doesn’t mean that it lacks content.

No, Rocket Math has loads of levels and math-based challenges that increase in difficulty as you progress. It has a classic, easy to use interface, and a very satisfying reward system that allows you to proceed to the next level once you have mastered the level you are on.

The app has a fun emphasis on speed, which will have you competing with yourself, not to mention friends and siblings, and the best part is that it is completely ad-free, so your experience won’t be interrupted by pop-ups all the time. If you use this app on a regular basis it really will rocket you to the top of the class!


  • Very simple and effective blackboard design
  • Only math-based so no distractions
  •  Fun emphasis on speedy answers
  • Ad-free!


  • In-app purchases are necessary to unlock certain levels

Best 5th Grade Math Apps Buying Guide

Here is a quick guide to some of the things we think you should look out for when deciding which 5th Grade math app is best for you.

Single Subject or Multi Subject?

There are lots of amazing educational apps out there that cover all the core elementary school subjects.

These can be brilliant because they hold all your learning resources in one place, and when you get used to how that app works you can use it for whichever subject you are working on at the time. 

However, if you are someone who struggles with concentration, or with math in particular, then it may be better to choose an app solely dedicated to that one subject.

That way you won’t be distracted by other topics, or tempted to spend all your time playing games in your favorite subject rather than in the subject you need to work on.

Core 5th Grade Math Concepts

Before you commit to an app it is a good idea to make sure that it covers the key math concepts you concentrate on in 5th grade. These include addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, geometry and equations.

Apps that specify they are for 5th graders are often a good bet, because then you can be sure that they will hold the types of questions and topics that are most relevant to your learning.


Of course we all love free stuff - and a free app that is high quality can be an awesome find. However, many free-to-download apps are full of adverts and in-app purchases that will interrupt your play and impact on your enjoyment.

It can also be very frustrating to finally complete a level and then realise that you cannot progress any further without asking for mum’s credit card. So keep your eye out for apps that are ad-free and have no in-app purchases. Sometimes it is better to pay a little up front than to pay lots as you play.

Games vs Tests

Everyone learns differently, and what works for one 5th grader might not be the best for another. That is why you should think about how you like to learn and then pick an app that suits you personally.

Some math apps have 100s of questions and tests that mimic your school work very closely and prepare you for exams and lessons really well. These are great if you like school work or if you want to track your progress against a system that you are familiar with.

However, other math apps will offer games and activities that involve math-based skills but don’t feel so much like work. These are great if you crave a less formal approach and don’t like the pressure of classroom-style learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I spend on my 5th grade math app?

  Little and often is usually the best approach to math learning at home. Rather than spending hours sitting still and looking at a screen, it is better to do the odd 20 minute session regularly to top up the learning you are already doing at school.