Candy Crush Saga App Review

Typically associated with the early days of Apple, Candy Crush Saga first hit our phone screens in 2012 and since then has made its way to Android phones and both Windows phones and desktop computers.

Free of purchase, and pretty self-explanatory, this colorful world of candies has more to it than meets the eye…

How does Candy Crush Saga work?

This game can be played on pretty much any device that has an app store. The aim of the game is to match three or more of the same color candy which in turn makes them vanish. The more candies you match at once, the more points you earn. 

To make things a bit more exciting, there are six different types of candies which all have different properties so, for example, if you clear jellies then you will make all of the candies of the same color vanish from the game’s board. 

If you clear the candy by tapping them, they will disappear from the board. If you do this by swiping them, they will be removed. In order to progress to the next level you must clear at the very least one of each type of candy.

How does this app help kids learn?

So although this app is not directly marketed as an app that helps kids learn, scientific studies have proven that actually it is equally as effective as some of the best and well-recognized brain training apps out there. This one is just a lot more vibrant!

This app does not detract from the fact that kids grow and learn through the standard methods of playing and learning, and also through social interaction. However, it cannot be ignored that playing Candy Crush Saga has proven neurological advancements in the growth and development of children.

Playing this app develops lots of skills that yes, a child can learn in the real world, but why stop there? This app is a hand-in-hand fun and educational tool that does improve the cognitive function of the brain.

So, how exactly does this app help? Read on to find out the various ways that scream out to you that technology is not all that bad... 

Reaction Times

The game tests the user's reaction times, so is perfect to help kids as their cognitive abilities are still growing and developing. Each game within the levels have varying time limits depending on how far you have progressed through the game. The further you progress, the more varying the time limits are and the quicker you have to work to complete the level. 

This tests and improves kids’ reaction times as the more familiar they get with the game, the quicker they will progress through the levels. This is a transferable skill to tests in school, and gives good practice of kids being in a time-pressured environment.

Problem Solving

The game is also great at helping kids develop their problem solving skills. Through each level, you have to solve multiple problems, and there could be various methods that you can try but ultimately each level will have a specific pattern that the user has to complete in order to move on to the next level.

As we mentioned earlier, there is also the added element of time pressure which in turn speeds up the way in which the brain processes information. 

So, we are not just looking at one particular skill being fine-tuned here. We have a lot going on at once, and it does not stop here.


The game also improves memory retention as each level will showcase similar patterns and movement strategies in order for you to move on to the next level.

Do not get us wrong, we are not saying that every single level is the same - this would defeat the point of the game entirely - but what we are saying is that through the algorithm (the way the app is made) lots of levels will be variations of each other.

What does that mean? Well, actually this means that you will be using the same thought process and skills that you have used before. The task of your brain is to retain the pattern of movement you used before, and if your kid digs deep enough then that memory will definitely be there.

Sometimes this will take longer to recall than others, depending on how spread out these levels are. Basically, as you progress through the levels then the patterns will be dispersed more widely which will really test the brain. 

For example, levels 1-15 might not have that much of a varied candy movement pattern, but levels 70-90 definitely will take longer to solve. Let’s face it, if you get this far in the game then we would expect the levels to get a bit harder! 

The advantages of this? Well, this actually accelerates brain development and means that kids are engaging their brain ready for school learning. 

Candy Crush Saga also teaches an important life lesson from a young age, yeah, it is time to get philosophical for a second.

The levels increasing in difficulty as the game progresses tests your kid’s resilience because if they keep coming back to the game and want to complete the level then ultimately this teaches them not to give up.

Winning is a great feeling, but it is by no means easy. This is also an independent way of learning this lesson - your kid is not being lectured or consoled by you. Sure, it is frustrating to lose but it is only a game.

The game’s lessons can be applied to real life, just as the skills your kid develops in the real world can be used to guide them through the game.

This is all a little deep for an app whose premise is crushing candy, so let’s get back to the facts...

Muscle Memory

An extension from what we have discussed with memory, here we are going to delve slightly deeper and really hone in on another aspect of the brain: muscle memory.

Candy Crush Saga also helps the development of muscle memory through using repetitive finger movements.

This helps kids’ growth and development. By playing a new game, in this case Candy Crush Saga, or alternatively by continuing on to new levels within the app, by either picking up this new skill or by practicing this activity, the brain is being used pretty extensively.  

We know what you are thinking: usually muscle memory is developed by doing obvious physical activity - so for instance through walking, running, jumping or playing sport, so how can this be developed by playing an app?

Well, the familiarity of the swiping process on the device develops muscle memory in the hands and in the wrists. This in turn not only strengthens your muscles in your hands and fingers, but improves your kid’s familiarity and comfortability when using different electronic devices. 

Sure, it seems morbid to place a phone or a tablet into an infant’s lap, but the world is changing and these devices are more and more popular when infantry growth and development is concerned. 

Do not get us wrong, we are by no means condoning excessive use of electronic devices in younger kids because this in itself can have detrimental effects further down the line.

But, what we are saying is that it is not a crime for your kid to be totally familiar and comfortable with playing these kinds of games because they really do have some awesome cerebral benefits. 


  • Versatile - you can play this app on pretty much any device or computer that has an app store, and on some devices you can download the game through the internet.
  • Free - no purchase required to play this game. You can buy extra lives once all five lives run out, but this is difficult to do without a payment card - so no accidental purchases here!
  • Addictive - once you complete one level, you’ll want to play them all. This means that the game is super engaging and enjoyable for all ages, but especially kids.
  • Colorful - this is no average brain training app, this is bright and fun and it is really exciting for kids. The use of candy also adds to this being a not-so-average brain training game, because well - who doesn't love candy?!
  • Self-explanatory - this app is super easy to get to grips with, and you learn as you play! The first few levels are tester-style, so you can really get to grips with the game before stepping up to the tricky levels.


  • You can’t replay levels once you have completed them - there is no chance to revisit levels here, once you have completed a level you have to move on.

How can such a fun game be educational in any way? Surprising for lots of users, this app has been commended by scientists as being just as effective for you as brain training apps. So, it turns out that this kind of candy is good for you!