FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation App Review

It’s true to say we are living in a technologically advanced world, so it’s no surprise there are a plethora of apps available for children to provide extra educational content for the benefit of their learning journey. 

As parents, we should be keen to utilize ways to help children learn through play and use technology to our advantage. The younger years are vitally important for learning, and children are able to soak up information, learn quicker and more effectively than adults.

Encouraging children to be creative is vital to help them deal with emotions and helps give them the ability to express themselves as an alternative to formal language. 

Flipaclip is a video animation app aimed at children who are budding artists, but also those who can be shy. They will enjoy creating cartoons, games, and animations with a variety of integrated tools aimed at fuelling children’s imagination and bringing ideas to life. 

The app is available on the app store on Apple devices and IOS. You can set up the animation by clicking on the big red bottom. It will ask for age verification, which parents can confirm when setting up for their kids. 

There is a handy video introduction with demonstrations on how the tools work. They walk through each feature to help kids understand the different tools and what you can create with them.

Unique features 

The app provides children the opportunity to experiment with tools, but what specific features does the app offer? 

  1. Selection of backgrounds

There are 31 backgrounds to choose from of various scenes. You can also click on the X and add a color, or you can add your own background from your photostream.

  1. Canvas size 

The app allows you to choose size depending on where you will prefer to post the animations. There is the option to post to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Tumblr. The app shows you what pixels are needed for each. 

  1. Drawing tools 

Flipaclip offers drawing and painting tools such as shapes, brushes, erasers, and a ruler as well as a text box. The tutorials walk you through each one.  

The pen is there as the default, and it’s easy to switch between tools, just tap on the pen which will trigger a pop-up where you can choose another tool. You can adjust the thickness by clicking the black dot. To access the colors, tap the box to bring up the wheel. 

There is also a text box and bucket to fill in background or color drawings. 

  1. Play and looping 

Getting to grips with the lingo is half the battle with these apps. Looping refers to enabling your animation to repeat multiple times, which is the process used to create popular cartoons and animations we see on TV.

On the app, there is a big white triangle you press to play loops of the animations you make. To create the loops there are three dots at the top of the screen. Once selected you’ll get an option to select ‘frames viewer’.

You would then select the frames you want to include and hold down the button that will trigger a surrounding red color. You can then select all the frames you want to include and paste them to the clipboard. Select the order and you're ready to roll. 

The app also allows users to engage in onion skinning. This enables them to see several frames at one time, so the editing process is easier.

It’s really easy to make a movie with the Flipaclip app. Give the project a name and start drawing. The 3 dots will generate a pop-up that gives you the option to turn your animation into a different file. 

Children can share animations via social media platforms (under parental supervision). There is a thriving community of those using the app and there are also opportunities to partake in animation competitions where children can win prizes for the best animations etc. 

What will Children Learn?

The last year and a half has brought about many learning challenges for children and parents alike. Mums and dads everywhere have had to adapt to new ways of learning and embrace the digital revolution. So, what can children learn from apps such as Flipaclip? 

Using animation software has been shown to affect a child's brain in an effective and positive way and plays a significant part in development, how so? 

Children develop important problem-solving skills when using apps such as Flipaclip. Problem-solving skills are vital for children to become resilient and adept and negotiate the world independently.

Solving small problems such as those that exist in software apps will enable children to solve bigger problems as they mature. They will become better at identifying problems, finding solutions and testing them for results.

These skills help children build confidence in themselves and prepare them for bigger challenges. 

As mentioned earlier, Flipaclip is a fantastic tool for facilitating creativity in children. Young people are naturally creative, and creativity tends to become harder as we age.

Taking advantage of the younger years and fuelling creative leanings will help children make sense of the world around them and discover meaning in experiences.

Encouraging children to use Flipaclip will help to facilitate a creative environment where children feel free to experiment and express themselves. Technology is now playing an integral role in this process and should be used in a controlled and positive way to promote learning. 

Another important skill used in animation software is critical thinking. To understand how images move in sequence, children need to apply critical thinking to the process of creating those images.

Bringing images to life will help children understand the concept behind all animation and cartoons they see on TV. If something doesn’t work using the process, children need to figure out why and test other ideas to get it right.

This process of analyzing and testing is crucial to help children take responsibility for their own learning. In addition, it also builds heaps of confidence as children realize they can fix issues without the help. 

Using moving image animations has been proven to enhance memory and stimulate brain growth. It’s easier for the brain to process visual information than any other form. Add this efficient process to a developing brain, then you have a wealth of benefits for children’s learning. 

Using animation tools provides a multisensory experience. Children are able to see characters and can also add text to provide speech. There are also audio options to help characters talk.

This multisensory app helps children develop various skills simultaneously. By using different senses, the brain learns to make connections automatically, which increases retention and sharpens existing skills. 

When creating animations in Flipaclip, children learn about spatial awareness and the shapes of characters and objects. 

As is the case with all technology, parents should exercise caution with how much time is spent using devices to avoid the positive aspects to slip into over stimulation for a child. Incorporating regular breaks and diversion from the virtual world will enable children to enjoy the full benefits of technological based learning. 

Other skills

The most obvious skill that children learn when using Flipaclip is negotiating technology. We can’t deny that technology in all its forms is taking over other forms of learning, and it is important to stay up to date with this development. Using apps will help children improve fine motor skills that are needed when using computers and other tech. 

Technology is also a space-saving option for children to save work and continue adding to it when required. In Flipclip you have the option to save your work, edit and come back later, which is ideal for children if they get distracted with other things but still want to save progress. 

If your child wants to get involved in the online community to engage in competitions, this is a great way to help them develop social skills. Under supervision, children can engage with others online, which helps develop language as well as becoming adept at communication. 


The reviews for Flipaclip are mostly positive. People comment on the easy tools. The app is cost-effective. It’s an easy introduction into animation. It’s not just aimed at children. Adults with an interest in illustration have also benefited from its ease of use. 

Some people mention it may be tricky for younger children, but others point out that with assistance it can be fun for toddlers. In addition, the app can be glitchy from time to time. 


  • Easy to use/accessible
  • Free
  • Compatible with most operating systems 
  • Extensive drawing tools
  • Timeline/tracking feature 
  • Audio options 
  • Sharing options (social media, YouTube etc.)
  • Can add separate pen 
  • Easy to install
  • Onion skinning option


  • Extra features require payment 
  • Can crash occasionally 
  • Pop-ups for other games, a nuisance 

So, there we have it.  Some insight into the world of animation apps, especially Flipaclip. Based on reviews and the benefits of animation software on children’s growing brains, it is well worth downloading to give children the opportunity to be creative and explore their place within the world.