MathPapa – Algebra Calculator App Review

MathPapa is one of the many growing math apps that you can download to your phone or computer. It is designed to act as a calculator but help you answer more complex equations than your standard phone calculator ever could.

With an app so powerful, it’s unsurprising to learn that parents are concerned by its ability to help their children cheat and wondering if it’s as educational as their children claim it is.

Today, we will answer these questions for you, so you can let your children use the app without worry!

What Is MathPapa?

MathPapa is mostly an algebra calculator, but it can handle more complex math equations. If you are unaware, algebra calculators help decipher math problems like X + 4 = 5, what is X? Of course, this is a simple example, but MathPapa can handle any complex versions.

Is MathPapa Educational? 

MathPapa is a fact and educational program. It is designed to help you with the equations you have in front of you, and it can give you lessons or practice exams to help you learn and study algebra.

What Are MathPapa’s Lessons Like?

MathPapa’s lessons start off super simple, and they are designed to help people with a minimal grasp of algebra become stronger in their confidence and their schooling.

You will start off with basic lessons like X + 3 = 5, what is X? As you continue to give correct answers, these questions will get harder; for example, the 4th lesson questions are similar to 5Y + 33 = 2Y +156, what is Y?

What Practice Exams Does MathPapa Give?

MathPapa has a bunch of exercise questions that you can use as practice exams. They don’t rotate often, so we suggest that you don’t zoom through them. You may even need to create your own after these questions have been used up.

The first type of practice questions they give are basic arithmetic; these include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

The next is around decimals. These get a little more complicated, asking you to add and subtract decimal placed numbers and multiply decimals to 2 points or even 3 points (for example, 3.5 X 8, or 0.3 X 80). They do the same with dividing decimals too.

After that, you are open to negative numbers, fractions, and more.

Does MathPapa Have A Glossary Page?

MathPapa does have a glossary page; however, it is rather basic as it mostly explains what each symbol means, for example, (+) is addition, (-) is subtraction, and so on and so forth.

If you want something a little more detailed for the more complex equations, then you may need to Google the answer or use a textbook.

What Are MathPapa’s Key Features?

The main reason to download MathPapa is because of its mathematical equation ability. There are 4 key features that they advertise themself with, and we agree that all 4 are great at their job.

The first is the ability to solve linear equations and quadratic equations. 

The second is to solve graph equations.

The third is to solve linear and quadratic inequalities. 

And the fourth is to offer step-by-step solutions to help you learn.

Is MathPapa Easy To Use?

MathPapa is super simple to use, all you need to do is type your equation into the calculator section, and it will present the answer to you. You will then be presented with the method to see the step-by-step process if you don’t understand how the app got to this conclusion.

There is a separate tab for lessons and practice rounds. MathPapa walks you through these lessons, so you don’t have to worry about which one to start with.

Is MathPapa A Cheating App?

Think of MathPapa like a calculator. Many students will use a calculator to confirm their answer is correct when they are practicing for an exam. Most calculators (even scientific ones) don’t allow for algebraic equations, so this app will enable students to practice as they usually would.

The idea is that you type in the question when you are ready for the answer and then compare it with your written response. If you came to the wrong conclusion, then you can compare your method with the app’s to see where you went wrong.

However, this means that students can use this app to cheat. If you are worried that your children will take advantage of this helpful system, then the app might not be for them.

Who Is MathPapa Aimed At?

MathPapa says that it is designed for middle school students to master’s students, and although master’s students might find it handy to use MathPapa on occasion, we think that the app might be a little too basic for their needs.

High school and middle school students will find the app super helpful. 

Quick Answers To MathPapa Equations 

If you are having trouble figuring out how to use MathPapa, we have some answers for you below.

How Do You Calculate A Square Root on MathPapa?

All you need to do is type √X and press “Calculate it!” to get your answer. In this scenario, “X” represents the number you are trying to find the square root of.

How Do You Calculate A Cube Root on MathPapa?

To calculate the cube root of a number, you simply need to input the same functions you should be writing down on your papers. For example, the cube root of 8 should be entered as “ 8 ^ (1/3)”, you then press  “Calculate it” and will find the answer 2.

How Do You Calculate Division on MathPapa?

There are two ways to calculate a division equation on MathPapa. You can either use the symbol “÷” or the symbol “/”. Both will reveal the same results.

For a fun example, try entering 25645/5; you’ll get the answer 5129, which just feels wrong!

How Do You Divide Fractions on MathPapa?

Fractions are normally inputted with the “/” symbol, which can become confusing when trying to divide. For example, you might be tempted to write 4/2/6/2, but you will be given an incorrect answer. For this reason, you should type (4/2)÷(6/2).

How Do You Type Exponents Into MathPapa?

To type an exponent equation into MathPapa, you should use the “^” symbol. For example, 2^8 would be an acceptable entry.

Is MathPapa Good?

MathPapa is just as good as any other online calculator. It will give you the correct answer and a helpful guide. You might find that other apps offer more lessons, practice questions, or helpful guides, but MathPapa is a free algebra calculator that can help you out regardless.

Is MathPapa Safe?

MathPapa is mostly a free app, however, you can pay for additional answers or additional methods. To pay, you need to use a credit card form.

The form is encrypted and protected using a third-party payment provider, and neither MathPapa nor the third party collects this data. This means that your payments are secure.

That being said, the third party isn’t disclosed, and the classic choice of PayPal hasn’t been used. As the paid version doesn’t give you any real extra help, we suggest you air on the side of caution and stick to the free version.

We should also note that MathPapa has a clause about children’s privacy. In the clause, they explain that they do not knowingly collect data from children under the age of 13 without parental consent.

Reading between the lines, this means that they are actively collecting data about other users who have declared their age as older than 13 years. 

Final Verdict

All in all, MathPapa is a great app to help people struggling with Algebra and need a calculator to help them study.

We recommend using this app to verify your answers when you are preparing for a big test, as it will help you (or your children) figure out where they are going wrong and if they understand the equation properly.

Because the app gives you a direct answer and a method, it can be easy to cheat using it.

If you are worried that your children will use this app immorally, then we suggest sitting with your children to walk them through their studying process. This way, they can still have the answers, but you monitor the app.

Although better apps give a more comprehensive range of guidance and even online tutor help, MathPapa is still a great free choice. A free calculator is better than a $100 an hour tutor, after all!

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