Mathway App Review

Mathway is considered the number one app to solve math equations, but is it as great as the rating suggests?

We have examined the app to find all of its great attributes and poor quality features, so you can be confident that the app you are downloading is worth the buzz.

If you are a parent searching for a helping tool for your child, then you will have a bunch of questions around safety, accuray and the possibility of cheating. Don’t worry, because we have found the answers to all of these questions and more.

If you are a student and need the app for yourself, then sit back and relax, because we have done some investigating to see if the equations are accurate, educational and applicable for your grade.

No matter your reason for using Mathway, we have answered all the questions you have on the app.

What Group Of Students Is the App Aimed For?

Normally studying apps are aimed at certain groups of students to help them pass their tests, but Mathway is different.

Mathway helps you solve a problem no matter how simple or complicated it is. This means that if you need a graph equation, you can input the data into the app to get the graph, if you need to focus on trigonometry to find conic sections Mathway can assist you, or if you want just a basic understanding of math, you’ll be covered too.

Here is the list of equations that Mathway can solve:

  • Basic Math and Pre-Algebra  
  • Algebra 
  • Trigonometry and Precalculus 
  • Calculus 
  • Statistics

If you want to see the complete detailed list of specific equations, Mathway can do, check out their descriptions on the app store, but essentially, it can do anything.

Theoretically, no matter what grade you are in, Mathway should be able to solve your mathematical problem. This includes college students and workers who use math in their jobs.

What Are Mathway’s Features?

Mathway is basically a massive calculator that solves math problems. As long as your equation is accurate, the answer will be correct.

Because most of Mathway’s customers use tablets, their keyboard is turned into a touchpad. It is important to note that the touchpad still exists on the desktop version of the same app, but you can use your desktop keyboard instead if you prefer.

Despite all of the equations Mathway can solve, the app design is simple. The layout is easy to maneuver, with large and attractive buttons that a middle schooler could understand without any instructions.

A big feature comes from the app’s glossary section, containing more than 300 concepts, definitions, and principles. Although the app isn’t designed as a teaching tool, this additional bonus can help anyone learn the difference between equations and what they are used for.

The app isn’t designed to be more than an in-depth calculator, so these three features are all that they really offer. This means that their style is sleek, and their aim isn’t drowned out or worsened by too many projects at once.

How Educational Is The App?

Mathway is less “educational” and more “handy.” The app isn’t designed to teach you how to complicated a math equation or to help you understand the mathematical laws. Instead, it acts like a super powerful and all-inclusive calculator that can print out a graph and solve complex equations.

If you were hoping for an app that can guide you through why the equation works or how to solve one without the assistance of technology, then this application isn’t for you.

Suppose your mathematical needs are still centered around multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division. In that case, you can add these equations into the app, but you will not be using any of the more complex features. As the app is free, this isn’t really an issue.

Is Mathway A Cheating App?

If you think that using a calculator is cheating, then yes, you can consider Mathway a cheating app. 

When you are studying for a test, you usually can only double-check your work with a scientific calculator. It can confirm that your written method created the correct answer, or it can tell you that you went wrong somewhere.

The wrong answer then allows you to figure out which part of the equation is considered difficult to you, so when the big day comes, you are ready to avoid the same hiccups.

Mathway works in the same way, but for more complicated equations that often don’t work on a scientific calculator. This means that completing an equation in the written method and then checking it against the Mathway app is a genuine and helpful way to learn how the equation works and what you are getting stuck with.

However, if you are after a quick way to get answers without doing any of the hard work beforehand, Mathway will help.

If you are a parent thinking of apps that will help your child, we recommend talking to your child about cheating and how, in the long run, it will not help them through their exams. If your children are self-disciplined, then this will not be an issue.

What Can Mathway Be Downloaded On To?

If you want to install Mathway on an iOS device, then you will need to have the iOS 9.0 software installed or the later versions. This is because the app requires a lot of data, memory space, and access to high-functioning systems to work correctly.

If you have an android device, the version ability will vary depending on the brand.

If you are using a desktop or laptop, then you can use the webpage without any hindrance, as long as you have enough memory. 

To use Mathway, you will need at least 129 MB of free memory space on your device.

Is The App Free?

Mathway is a free app, however, there is also an option for a paid subscription.

In both versions, you will receive the main selling point of Mathway, which is the large calculator library, however, in the paid subscription, you can apply for a tutor.

The tutor is a real person who can help you understand where you are going wrong with your equations and can help you understand the problem in front of you.

The free version doesn’t include this feature, and it displays ads between equations. These ads cannot be skipped and can last for a couple of minutes each. Because Mathway is designed for multiple people, the ads have not been approved for children’s viewing, which can be a real problem.

Normally kid-friendly apps will have ads rated for the appropriate age group, but an open platform like this will not have the same restrictions.

This might convince you to buy the monthly subscription, however, some users have noticed a glitch in the system, which seems like more than just a harmless error.

When adding an equation in the free app, the answer comes back correct. When adding the same equation into the low-priced version, the answer comes back with an error and suggests upgrading to a pricer package with a tutor to explain the problem. This seems like a targeted problem for the company to receive more money.

This problem has been flagged to Mathway, and they will hopefully deal with the issue in time. However, we recommend sticking to the free version of Mathway until the problem is solved.

Pros and Cons

Most of our comments about Mathway have been super positive, and that’s because our overall experience has been great. For a better visual representation, check out the pros and cons list:


  • Easy To Use
  • Powerful Calculator That Solves Complex Problems
  • Step By Step Solutions to Problems
  • Offers Definitions and Explanations
  • Built-In Glossary
  • Works Offline
  • Available As An App Or Website


  • Low Priced Paid Version Has A Glitch To Persuade You To High Priced Version
  • Ads Are For Any Age Group
  • Some Features Are Only Available On Paid Version

Final Verdict

Overall the app is fantastic at what it does; solving mathematical problems. It is a great way to understand where your written solutions have gone wrong, and it will give you quick and correct answers.

You can use the software on the webpage or through the app on your phone, and you can do this online or offline without any issues.

We recommend this app for anyone who needs help solving complex mathematical problems!