Slader Math Homework Answers App Review

Slader Homework Answers is an app that holds all the answers that a teacher's or tutor’s textbook would. It was designed to be a cheap tutor substitute to help your children go over subjects that they aren’t confident in.

These subjects include math, science, history, English, and all the other typical classes your children will be taking. It even includes some more unusual subjects like economics and geography. 

Slader is basically a textbook that you can take home and continue studying with.

What Group Of Students Is the App Aimed For?

The app can be used for a range of students. They officially aim to help middle school students, high school students, and college students, but this means that younger children can get a head start with their education by using this app, and older students can extend their knowledge by looking at topics that are higher than their current grade.

How Educational Is The App?

The app doesn’t have any fancy tricks to help your kids learn. Instead, they simply show you material from a textbook. This means that your children will need to put in the effort to learn the material.

If your children are having trouble learning the topics in school, they might find it just as difficult at home with this app. Instead of giving them the app and expecting them to continue practicing math in their own time, it might be beneficial to add an extra couple of hours of study to their home routine.

That being said, Slader contains a large amount of content for anyone to sift through. If your child is having trouble understanding one textbook from school but can pick up the content from a different textbook written in a more helpful style, then Slader can help you find and read that textbook for free!

Is Slader Math Homework Answers A Cheating App?

Because Slader holds all the answers to your schooling textbooks, it can be super easy to cheat using the app.

All you need to do is search for the textbook your teacher has pulled their questions from and then copy the answers that are right in front of you.

This is a massive red flag to parents, as struggling students will likely do whatever they can to bring their grades up, and if the traditional schooling isn’t helping, an easy cheat might be their next option.

Because of this, we suggest that parents or guardians download the app and sit with their children to guide them to the correct answers instead of letting them write it down without a thought.

If your children are self-controlled and have the desire to find the right answers for themselves, then keeping the app under lock and key might be a stretch too far.

And if you are a college student, you should already have the self-discipline to study independently and check your work after. In these cases, letting your kids (or yourself) download this app shouldn’t be an issue.

Overall, the app can lead to easy cheating, so judge for yourself if your child has the self-discipline to “learn” instead of “copy” the answers.

What Can Slader Math Homework Answers Be Downloaded On To?

Slader is an app that is widely accessible. You can download it to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android device.

You cannot download the app to your computer or laptop, which is a shame as a larger screen would make reading the text easier. Because of that, we suggest putting the app on a tablet.

Tablets are often as large as a book page but just as easy to use as a smartphone, so you can zoom in or flick through the answer sheets with ease.

Can You Chat Through The App? 

When you sign into the app, you are asked for a profile picture to set up your account. We suggest adding a photo of something the child likes (like a tv show, a book, or a game) and not of the child themselves.

Once the account has been created, you can instantly start looking for textbooks. 

There is no way for another user to see your profile or the picture you have uploaded. This means that there is no way for another user to contact you directly.

That being said, you can add comments to the app, which means that you can chat with strangers, and they can see your profile picture displayed.

Because of this, we suggest that a child shouldn’t have access to this app without a parent knowing about it. If you allow your child to download this app, we recommend talking to them about the problems of online strangers. Although this app hasn’t had any social issues so far, it is always best to be safe when children are involved.

Is The App Free?

There is a free version of this app and a monthly subscription payment option too.

The free version will display advertisements to your children, and we cannot confirm if these ads are child-friendly.

Because Slader is aimed at middle schoolers all the way up to college students, their advertisement guides might include more adult content. 

Ads will display before an answer appears, so the child will have to sit through the forced content to continue their studying. 

If you choose the monthly subscription, the ads will disappear. We recommend paying the low amount to remove these ads, which can be distracting and inappropriate for your children.

What Is Better: Slader or a Tutor?

Understanding which version of home teaching is better means knowing what you find valuable in either option. So far, we can see that both are great choices, but does either one stand out more?


Slader is an excellent choice for self-disciplined students who are not tempted to cheat and enjoy studying by themselves. 

They are also the cheaper option out of the two, by far. Choosing the free version of the app or the monthly subscription is still wildly more affordable than hiring a person.

Slader you can use at any time, whereas a tutor will need to book you in for a time which suits you and them. 


Of course, Tutors are expensive, but that's because you are hiring a person to understand how your child thinks and how to help them retain detailed information.

A tutor will be able to change up their ideas to match their one student and give them real encouragement and advice to help them learn.

However, not every tutor is as helpful as they could be. Working with a person means figuring out if these two personality types match. Get the wrong person, and you will have spent hundreds on an education program that doesn’t work.


If you have the money for a tutor, then we would recommend hiring one. If you don’t have the money, if you don’t like one-on-one study, or if you have a hectic schedule, then Slader would still be a great choice.

Pros and Cons

Sometimes having the features laid out in a simple pros and cons list is enough to help you make a decision.


  • Free App
  • Online Homework Assistance On Hand To Help
  • Thousands of Different Textbooks to Search Through
  • You Can Upload Photos of Your Work To A Digital Tutor
  • Two Free Solutions per Day
  • Learn On Your Own Time
  • Opportunity To Learn Above Your Grade
  • Can Pay More For More Detailed Help


  • Easy To Cheat With
  • Comment Section Open To The Public
  • Youngest Age Group Is Middle Schoolers

Final Verdict

All in all, Slader Math Homework Answers is a great app for self-discipline students. It doesn’t contain any graphic language, including sex or violence, so you can leave your children with the app without worrying about its content.

However, the comment section means people can talk to your children, and the free version contains ads that might be targeted at college students.

This means you might want to check your children’s profiles for safety every now and then. Your children can also access all the answers if left unchecked, so you will have to determine if your child can handle this much freedom.

The app is meant to help your children learn without having to hire a tutor, and although we recommend checking in every now and then to make sure that your children aren’t cheating, we believe it can do this successfully.

Because the app is free, you can always do a trial run to see if the textbooks are helpful and to play around with the settings.